16 Yard Bin
16 Yard BinRoofers Special!
The 16 Yard bin is our most popular size for the roofing team!
20 Yard Bin
20 Yard BinThe All Rounder
The 20 Yard bin is our second most popular size. Its great for medium sized jobs that require a big bin but not huge!
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Elephant Premium Bins Have the right tool for your job!

We have bins for any size job. Quick drop off and pick up to help make a tough job quick and easy!
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If your not sure what size bin will do the job, ask one of our bin experts! call us at 250-540-2888

6 Yard Bin
6 Yard BinThe Rock Star
When you need a bin to clear heavy rubble like rocks and concrete, this is your bin!
10 Yard Bin
10 Yard BinThe Rock Stars big Brother
When The rock Star bin just isn’t quite big enough….Call on the big brother. Perfect for bigger rock and concrete removal jobs. This is the one for you!
12 Yard Bin
12 Yard BinHouse and yard cleaning perfection
if your doing a spring clean up that turns into a little more…this is the bin for you!
18 Yard Bin
18 Yard BinWhen times call for a serious house cleaning or a small commercial job
Perfect for a house clean out or possibly the wife’s shoe collection! (Just kidding). This bins got you covered. Small enough to put in a front yard or a tight spot in the construction zone…Fill this bad boy up and let us do the rest!
42 Yard Bin
42 Yard BinThe BIG Daddy
When you have a large amount of wast to move, this is the one you want. Commercial renovations or full home hoarding. This massive bin will do the job.