Elephant Premium Bins Are The #1 Waste Removal Company

With over 7000+ Users and counting, Elephant Premium Bins Is The most called and trusted Waste Removal Company In The BC Interior.


No matter if its a home renovation or commercial construction demolition, we have what you need.

We Provide What You Need

We have removal bins from at 6 yards to 42 yards. if your not sure what size bin you need, call us to discuss how we can best provide the right bin for your job.

Home Improvements

We can provide you with the tools to make the hard job easier

Let Us Make The Job Easier

When you decide to renovate the home, the worst part is getting rid of the garbage and waste. Let Elephant Premium Bins take care of that for you!

Yard Clean-up

From rocks, concrete to tree limbs and leafy leftovers, we got you covered.

Keeping The Yard Looking Good

Yard wast is heavy and dirty to get rid of. We have specialized low bins to help make that job easier. You fill it…we take it away!


When its time to clean up the homestead, we've got the perfect tool to make the job easier.

Spring Cleaning to Hoarding Removal Services

Regardless of size and scope of the de-cluttering, we have the perfect size bin for the job. We specialize in hoarding removal services!

What Else? We Have The Best Service Around

Elephant Premium Bins is committed to provide the best service anywhere. Our knowledgeable staff have the experience to help get you exactly what you need.  The most amazing customer support around!

  • Providing the fastest service possible.
  • Friendly knowledgeable staff.
  • We work with you to save you money.
  • We specialize in hoarding services
  • We want to part of your team.

More Ways Than Ever Help Make Your Hard Work Easier!

We’ve added several new bin sizes and more trucks that get a bin to where you need it quickly.

What Else Does Elephant Premium Bins Do? We’ll Tell You!

Elephant Premium Bins also has:

  • Elephant Storage Centre. A state of the art storage facility for those items you don’t want to discard. 2 locations in Vernon and soon in Kelowna! Unit sizes from 25 sq/ft to 600 sq/ft. Secure facilities and flexible access make Elephant Storage Centre’s the favorite choice of hundreds of customers.
  • Elephant mobile Trunks. We manufacture our own mobile storage trunks to the highest standards. they are insulated to protect your belongings from moisture, Sealed to prevent critters from getting in and are made from a recycled material, helping save the planet. our mobile trunks are 5’X8’X7′ and can be dropped off for you to fill. We will pick up and store you mobile trunk at our secure storage facility where you have access until you need it moved to a new location or we can move it directly to your new location. We are  here to help you any way we can!
  • Signs By Elephant. We have a state of the art sign company capable of providing almost any kind of signage you need! our sign professionals have decades of experience and can help find the right sign for your needs. We produce 3D commercial cut signs, backlit signs, sandwich boards, vehicle wraps, concrete forms, stencils, painted signs, LED signs to name a few. Just about anything  you can imagine…we can make it! big or small we got the sign for you.
Elephant Premium Bins is the interiors #1 waste removal company. We have the right size bin for your needs and the expertise to get as much as possible recycled.
Elephant Storage Centre is Vernon’s favorite choice for your storage needs. We have hundreds of happy customers we consider like family. 2 locations in Vernon and soon in Kelowna!
Elephant Mobile Storage Trunks are the best best way to move your stuff from one place to another when you cant unpack right away. We deliver a trunk for you to fill then move it where you need it!
Vernon’s premier sign company. No sign is to big or to small. We’ve got you covered no matter what your needs. If you can dream it up…we can make it happen!
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  • Best customer service around.
  • The right bin for the job.
  • Recycle specialists helping save the planet
  • The knowledge to help you when you need it.
  • We work with you to save you money.
  • We offer hoarding removal service.
  • Quick response time to get the junk gone quickly.
  • Join the 7000+ user community and see why everyone loves Elephant Premium Bins!